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About Al-Qassim Health Water

Al-Qassim Health Water began actual production in 1983 with a modest capacity of one million liters of bottled water and just two kinds of water packing and through developing its products and marketing strategies it expands to reach a capacity of more than two hundred million liters of bottled water and 15 kinds of different packing of bottled water using the latest production technology available in this field.

Pure, Healthy, Natural Water tested and certified as meeting the highest Saudi and International standards.

Qassim Health Water had built its reputation on product quality by using the best means of sanitation and water treatment which is supervised by professional and qualified engineers and technicians that have high productive credentials in this field in presenting products in accordance with Saudi and international specifications.

Charitable contributions and community service

Al-Qassim Health Water is paying huge attention to community service and charitable contributions and seeks to present several initiatives in various local fields, as well as sponsoring several schools and public social activities.


Given the importance of sports in the community, Al-Qassim Health Water is proud to be the official water of Al-Ahli Saudi Club with all its games.

Quality Certificates

Water is essential for life, either in the ground on which we live or to the structure of our bodies. We in AlQassim Health Water exerted our best efforts to take care of the quality of our water; it comes as our top priority. Since the construction of our Factory, we used to conduct periodic tests at the most reliable European Laboratories through which we have obtained a lot off certificates as a proof of the quality of our products and its conformity to the International and European Standards


AlQassim Health Water characterized by ideal treatment of natural equilibrium of chemical structure for water due to purity and natural water sources and continuous follow up to ensure quality.

Al Qassim Water


Al Qassim Water Factory

In fact, AlQassim Health Water is the only water in the Middle East that has been awarded the prestigious International Certificate from the French Ministry of Health. AlQassim Health Water is the only water from the Middle East regularly tested and certified as meeting the highest European standards for drinking water.


Al-Qassim Health Water is the market leader in the bottled water business in Saudi Arabia and our customer list includes Royal Court, Ministers Counsel, Military Hospitals, and Conferences Palaces, we are also supplying the major hyper and supermarkets in Saudi Arabia.

We are Authorized by:

SASO Quality
Aramco Authority